PRESS RELEASE : Audio46 Honors American Brands

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PRESS RELEASE : Audio46 Honors American Brands

Audio46 Headphone Store Honors American Headphone Brands

June 30th, 2016 New York, NY


Audio46 announced today that it will be honoring American-based headphone brands for the week of July 4th. Store associates will be offering promotional gifts with the purchase of select headphones from domestic companies. Companies honored in this offer include Grado, Westone, Audeze, Shure, Klipsch, and Koss. Staff members at the Manhattan store wish to bring more attention to high-quality headphones produced by American companies.


About Grado Headphones

Hand-assembled in Brooklyn, NY, Grado Labs has been family-owned and family-operated for the past 60 years. Based out of a Sunset Park townhouse, Grado headphones are designed and tested for quality control with Jazz classics. While most Jazz aficionados can easily vouch for this brand’s chops, critical listeners of all musical tastes can appreciate the dedication and craftsman ship that go into these headphones. Models range from the inexpensive Prestige Series, to the more expensive Reference, Statement, and Professional Series. A hallmark of Grado designs, many of their headphones utilize mahogany wood in the construction for greater tonal accuracy.


About Westone Headphones

Once having assembled headphones for Shure, Colorado-based Westone also manufactures assisted listening devices, otoscopes, and military-grade hearing protection devices – all in addition to their own lineup of in-ear headphones. While many of Westone’s offerings are aimed at recording professionals, their many product lineups of universal- and custom-fit earphones are recommended to audiophiles from all walks of life.


About Audeze Headphones

Utilizing a radically-different driver design, Audeze headphones characteristically feature more detail in bass notes. This emphasis on low-frequency detail has done much to elevate the Californian headphone maker from a small family-owned operation, to become one of the premier headphone companies in the world today. While models range in sound from bass-heavy to clean-and-even, this manufacturer sees no shortage in accolades for quality in design and build, as well as sound.


About Shure Headphones

A home-grown headphone company from Illinois, Shure offers headphones and earphones for casual listeners and audio professionals alike. Known for a clean sound with slight emphasis on bass, it’s small wonder that Shure has seen so much popularity with beginner audiophiles and serious listeners, as well. With models aimed at studio recording, DJing, audio reference, and personal listening, Shure may offer the widest product catalog currently seen from an American company. While many of their products are now assembled outside of the United States, their reputation as a staple American audio company has only grown.


About Klipsch Headphones

From gaming headsets to in-ear reference headphones, Klipsch Audio Technologies offers a wide array of headphones for all kinds of listening tastes. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, this headphone manufacturer is most noticed for their popular in-ear headphones – many offering a high level of detail at an affordable price, and one reference model even offering wireless connectivity. A signature of Klipsch design, the earpieces utilize an oval-shaped tip for a better seal inside the ear, as well as kevlar cables for better durability on their more expensive models.


About Koss Headphones

Like Shure, Koss Corporation has switched some of its manufacturing to China. However, in some ways this headphone company has remained stereotypically American. Currently based out of Milwaukee, the company was formed by John C. Koss in Arkansas shortly before the release of the first modern headphone, the Koss SP/3. Most Koss models sport inexpensive prices, while commanding an almost cult-like following among consumers – no doubt helped along by the Koss sound, as well as a limited lifetime warranty.


About Audio46 Headphone Store

Founded in 2014, Audio46 was the brainchild of two brothers, Hershel and Benjamin, who recognized the need for a store catering to New York City’s headphone users. Since that time, Audio46 has grown to be a destination for audiophiles the world over, who come in search of competitive pricing and an exhaustive inventory, as well as top-notch customer service from a staff that is both personable and knowledgeable.


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