Audio46 Picks The Winner of Our Instagram Giveaway

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Audio46 Picks The Winner of Our Instagram Giveaway

Audio46 would like to thank all of the contestants who participated in our Instagram giveaway. We wish you all could have won, but unfortunately there was only one winner.

Earlier today we narrowed down our Instagram contest to three lucky contestants. We gave each of them a series of questions this morning.  As a group we voted on the winner, and we would like to congratulate…

Mara, @meowkittypurr From Kentucky.

This 19 year old is a big fan of all genres of musical genres, especially R&B, Indie, and Dance. In addition to being a music buff, Mara is a fan of all things art and fashion.

Currently, she is working as an associate at a clothing store, while she finishes up her degree. She told us that one day she aspires to do something related to music. Mara, We hope you enjoy your new Beyerdynamic iDX 160 iE Earphones. Congratulations!


Audio46 will be hosting additional contests throughout the summer, and year.  We encourage all of our followers to enter, and we will be posting the details to all upcoming contests on our Giveaway Page.

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