Sennheiser HD7 DJ Review

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Sennheiser HD7 DJ Review

The Sennheiser HD25 is a great headphone that came out over 25 years ago, and is still in the market today. That headphone has clearly stood the test of time and Sennheiser finally came out of a revision with the DJ line, which includes the HD6 mix, HD7 DJ, and the HD8 DJ.

Design/Build Quality

The HD7 DJ is the middle entry of the DJ series features a very high quality plastic construction that should make the headphone last a long time, something that DJs would prefer. The headphones also have earcups that swivel back for one ear listening. They can also fold into a compact shape and stored into a provided carrying case. The earpads and cables are all removeable, helping you protect your investment.

Comfort/Noise Isolation

Unlike the Sennheiser HD25, the HD7 DJ is an around-ear fit instead of an on-ear fit so it’s quite a comfortable headphone. However, it still retains the high clamping force so even though the headphone is over-ear and comfortable, it still has great noise isolation.


 Out of the box, you get a nice and large hardshell carrying case as well as two cables. One is a 1.5m coiled cable and one is a 3m straight cable. Both cables have proprietary locking connectors and can be attached to a stereo adapter that is also included. This is a serious headphone so there’s no short portable cable with any remotes. Also included is an extra pair of velour earpads if you don’t prefer the stock earpads on the headphones.

Sound Quality

The sound of the HD7 DJ is very nice. The bass is the emphasized part of the sound, but it’s very tight and controlled. The mids and highs aren’t necessarily recessed but are less emphasized than the bass. However, despite the great bass, it doesn’t sound aggressive, it’s very smooth and well presented. One could probably listen to this headphone on hours on end just because it’s not fatiguing at all.


So you might be wondering why you would buy the HD7 DJ over the HD6 mix or the HD8 DJ. The HD6 mix was aimed more for studio use, and does not include the swiveling earcups. The HD8 DJ is basically a more “premium” version of the HD, with metal accents around the headphone. Sennheiser has definitely came up with a worthy successor to the legendary HD25 as the HD7 DJ has everything a DJ needs.


  • Durable build quality
  • Accessories (Case, extra earpads, cables)
  • Good comfort
  • Locking cables to prevent accidental yanks
  • Good noise isolation


  • No portable cable
  • Proprietary cables, no third party cables

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