ATH-M50X vs M50 – Which One To Buy?

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ATH-M50X vs M50 – Which One To Buy?

Please note, ATH-M50 has been discontinued. Check out the newer models available in our store.

Ever since the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X came out, people have been asking whether or they should buy the ATH-M50X vs M50. And for those people who already own a pair of the older M50, whether or not it is worth it to upgrade. Before we answer that question, it is important to establish the differences between the two headphones.

The ATH-M50 was already a great headphone that was very popular for all types of consumers, so it was clearly well engineered by Audio-Technica. It got to the point where people started to compare the ATH-M50 to all different types of headphones, and recommending it for all types of scenarios. Being the great headphone that the ATH-M50 was, it was not very versatile, especially with its long and chunky cables, which was not suitable for portable use.














Audio-Technica realized what was going on, and decided to give consumers a revision of the ATH-M50, that being the ATH-M50X. Basically, it’s the exact same headphone but with upgraded headband and ear pad materials, but most importantly, with detachable cables. The headphone’s design and sound signature have pretty much stayed the same, which isn’t a bad thing because the design was practical and the sound was brilliant. So instead of choosing to buy a long coiled cable version or a long straight cable version, the ATH-M50X comes with 3 cables out of the box – a 3m straight cable, a 1.2m coiled cable, and a 1.2m straight cable.


So going back to before, is it worth it to get the ATH-M50X? Although the upgraded and softer headband and ear pad materials are nice, you have to ask yourself the following questions – Do you value having detachable cables? Do you hate long chunky cables and prefer a shorter cable? If you can say yes to either of those two questions, then the ATH-M50X is right for you. If not, then go ahead and stick to the ATH-M50.

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