Sleek Modern Headphones: Another Take on The Panasonic RP-HDX5 Stereo Headphones

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Sleek Modern Headphones: Another Take on The Panasonic RP-HDX5 Stereo Headphones

The Panasonic RP-HDX5 is a gem when it comes to a pair of headphones. This under $100 headphone really do make an impression on us, although they have a quite bare-bones minimal design and non-overt charm. The headset does hold its own very well in the audio quality department. But not to miss the forest for the trees…the design is what really stands out.

The Panasonic RP-HDX5 Stereo Headphones are the epitome of minimal, industrial design and are even offered in two color schemes white featuring lime green accents and titanium metal black. A shiny chrome finish and brilliant colors provide a striking and genuinely distinctive appeal. These Panasonic headsets are completely compatible with a number of leading brands such as iPhone, Samsung, Nokia and many more more play-back operation, though some of the volume controls where spotty. The Sound emanating from the Panasonic RP-HDX5 are produced by 40 mm drivers is great. The The Panasonic RP-HXD5’s deliver a solid balanced sound; starting with strong bass,good mids and clear representation of vocals. What you get from these headphones are sounds that really should cost more than they do, which in our book is a good buy.

We strongly recommend the Panasonic RP-HDX5 headphones as a below $100 pair of headphones that sound like they costed much more.

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