SMS Audio Sync by 50 Wireless Headphone Unboxing

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SMS Audio Sync by 50 Wireless Headphone Unboxing

Check out our friend Booredatwork Unbox the SMS Audio Sync By 50 Headphones.

SYNC by 50™ Wireless Headphones enable you to wander anywhere the tunes take you — no matter if it’s throughout town or all over the world. Ideal for commuting, running or traveling, expertly tuned to offer the most clean, clearest, most vibrant spectrum of sound and created using exclusively the highest-quality components for the best in design,comfort and ease.

Go wireless! Take pleasure in the flexibility of wireless using the SYNC by 50 Over-ear wireless headphones which use the latest in Kleer technology. Loss-less sound for amazingly clear wireless sound (up to 40′ away) and the capability to sync as many as 4 pairs of SYNC by 50 to any one given audio source make these headphones a must-have for all audiophiles or die-hard fan of 50 Cent alike. The SYNC by 50 don’t just stop at great sound, they also feature a super tough plastic headband that’s shatter-proof along with a truly sleek modern and stylish design. Grab Yours HERE

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