Sony MDR-XB600 Extra Bass Headphones Review

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Sony MDR-XB600 Extra Bass Headphones Review

Dive into the deep end of the bass spectrum with hard hitting beats and powerful sound. Maximize long-term listening with uber-comfortable earpads featuring a space-saving, dual-folding design.

Combining a unique direct vibe structure, for a tight acoustic seal, with high sensitivity XB driver units, these headphones deliver powerful and dynamic bass response, while the compact, dual-folding design and ultra comfortable ear pads further ensure that these cans will go where you do.


  • 40mm diaphragms for deep, powerful bass (4-24Hz)
  • Direct vibe structure for superior bass response
  • Pressure relieving foam ear pads for long-term comfort
  • Dual folding design folds compact for storage
  • Y-type, flat, tangle-proof serrated cord (1.2m)

The Sound

The Sony MDR-XB600 Extra Bass Headphones boast ‘sharp and tight bass” but do they live up to the claim? From our perspective they certainly do. The Sony MDR-XB600 Extra Bass Headphones feature 40mm drivers which provide deep and heavy bass across all genres of music. After listening to them for a while the best thing I can compare them to is Beats By Dre, with slightly less heavy bass. Arguably a good thing when it comes to overall audio quality. While indeed having a nice heavy and tight bass, these headphones are reasonably accurate in other regards. The mids are nice and clean and the highs are not too boosted.

The Functions

Sony MDR-XB600 Extra Bass Headphones feature a fully folding design which makes them great for travel, as well as swivel mounts so they are good for DJ’s too even. They are pretty sleek looking and definitely a “fashion” item if you wanted them to be, with their gold trim finish and mix of mat and glossy black finish. They don’t have a volume control or a mic but do have the state of the art flat cable design which eliminates those pain in the neck tangled cords we are all so familiar with.

If you are looking for a headphone with superior bass response and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on Beats By Dre, then these headphones are an excellent option.

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