V-moda Crossfade LP Headphones Review

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V-moda Crossfade LP Headphones Review

V-moda Crossfade LP Headphone Review

V-moda Crossfade PL is a portable pair of headphone that delivers superior sound, unrivaled durability, and excellent features for style, customization, and comfort. Crossfade LP has detachable cables and microphone that makes the device easy to use. This pair of headphones also provides vibrant bass that allows users not just to hear music in crystal clear audio but also to feel free from the noise in their surroundings. The soundstage performance of this headphone evokes live music performance and makes you hear crystal clear vocals.

V-moda Crossfade LP Features

  • Patent Pending 50mm Dual-Diaphragm Driver: The inner and outer rings of this headphone prevent the bass from making the sound of the music irritating hear.
  • DJ + Musician Collaboration: The features and durability of this headphone makes it the preferred choice of DJ’s across the world.
  • 3-Button Mic Cable: The 3 buttons for microphone cable allows users to control music and call volume on their mobile devices such as smartphones and latest tablets.
  • Audio Cable: Crossfade LP has an audio cable with universal adapter that is highly compatible with all audio devices and musical equipments.
  • Color- Crossfade LP is available in 5 different colors that you can choose from. Adie from that, the headphone has ergonomic ear cushions that fit on your ear comfortably.
  • Driver Quality: This headphone has a consistent driver quality that can deliver superior sound. This feature of Crossfade LP has been tested at six frequencies to ensure the consistency the sound that it produces.

Advantages of Crossfade LP Headphones

This pair of headphone is made from materials that are master crafted. All users can expect that all the components and drivers inside the headphone have superb quality when compared to standard headphones. Apart from this, device has analog isolation capability that enables it to cut off the noise that can distract the sound of the music you are listening to.

V-moda Crossfade LP is a pair of headphones that is built to last. This product has STEELFLEX Headband that is extremely indestructible. In addition, the product comes with interchangeable steel frame that are made with aircraft grade metal shields. Another advantage that you can get from this headphone is the optional ear cushions and cables. You can choose from different colors and feature options that you can sue every day to match your style and personality.

This product is also made to offer extreme portability. The skeleton carrying case is extremely useful in carrying this device whenever you are on the go. In addition to its portability, this product has safety clip that you can use to carry it outside your bag. In this way, you can easily access the headphone anytime you need it. This headphone is made with V-Strap system that allows you to organize it while using it. You can organize the headphone adapter and include cables inside the skeleton case an access them anytime you need them.

V-moda Crossfade LP is the pair of headphones that you have to buy of you prefers style and quality. This is a multipurpose headphone that offers versatility and can bring you your desired quality of audio.


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