Sony MDR-XB600 Extra Bass 40mm Drive Premium Headphones Review

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Sony MDR-XB600 Extra Bass 40mm Drive Premium Headphones Review

These great Sony headphones under $100 are perfect to experience the power of bass. Designed specifically to deliver the deep sound of bass, The Sony MDR-XB600 allows the user to tap into the sound quality the artist intended. A user can become completely fixated on the music with a tightly sealed design that allows for complete sound isolation to truly focus on the music and more importantly the deep bass sound.


This particular model of headphones have several key features beyond the sound quality of the bass and the sound isolation. The first is a comfortable design. The ear pads are created with urethane foam for the most superb comfort allowing one to work for several hours without being disrupted by an uncomfortable headphone. The reversible earpad comfort design for an outstanding fit is also duel-functional with providing noise isolation. Getting a good fit with these headphones is reassuringly easy, because the ear cups swivel horizontally and vertically, letting them fit the shape of the head instantly.

Another key feature of this particular Sony Headset model is the compact design. The headphone fold in when not in use, where they then can be stored in a safe place. The compact design also allows for easier portability. The last feature discussed here is the tangle-free cord included, so one does not get tangled in the cord during mixing or recording; producing the best possible environment for working with music.

These headphones are great for the price and quality. If one if interested in receiving the best bass sound without outside noise interference and complete comfort, the Sony MDR-XB600 Extra Bass 40mm Drive Premium Headphones should not go unnoticed. They are great for personal use with creating or recording music, listening to music as was intended by the artist, and for experiencing a superior bass response.

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