Best Professional Headphones for Under $100 – Sony MDR-V6

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Best Professional Headphones for Under $100 – Sony MDR-V6

The Sony MDR-V6 model headphones are The Best Professional Headphones for Under $100 on the market in terms of value and quality aimed at a consumer marker with a professional touch. Marketed at under $100, these headphones are a great catch: well built with a metal encasing and a thick coiled cable. These are the best headphones in the market under $100, but are still considered high-end headphones where one can feel the power of music as well as enjoy the comfort and portability the headphones offer.

With a nice pair of flat-eq headphones like these, a true representation of the music can be heard to provide great quality with any type of studio work. With 40mm driver units, there headphones produce an accurate bass that is deep in nature with a crisp sound for high and midrange tones. The thick coiled cord stretches out to just under 10 feet long, allowing the freedom to walk about the studio or room without being tied to a specific spot. One of the features of these great headphones is their ability to fold up, so they can be stored in a protective bag and transferred without getting dirty.

With the MDR-V6 model, the user will not only enjoy the quality of sound of music, but also the comfort from closed earcup, with all around-ear cushions that are padded including the adjustable headband. A UniMatch 3.5 mm plug with ¼” Adapter is perfect for mini or full-size headphone jacks. The cicumaural closed back stereo headphones with an extended frequency neutral playback is perfect for recording, monitoring, and mixing and is extremely effective with keyboards and synthesizers due to their high output and 30 kHz high end reproduction.

Therefore, the Sony MDR-V6 Closed Back Stereo Studio Headphones are the best Sony headphones and are the Best Professional Headphones for Under $100 due to the quality in sound, comfort, maneuvering and portability. The professional quality aimed at the consumer market will inevitably impress the user to no end with the capabilities of these head phones. With the closed ear design, one may experience complete acoustic isolation for the surrounding, to allow the maximum capabilities to hear the well-balanced sound of what the user is recording.

Many claim they can work for 8-10 hours straight without feeling discomfort from the MDR-V6 headphones. Other are impressed by the compact storage of the model. However, most reviews indicate the quality of sound, the impressing price, and the overall durability of these headphones. When working with music, sound and quality is very important and these headphones provide that professional quality for a great price. Look into the Sony MDR-V6 Closed Back Stereo Studio Headphones today and you will see that these are the best Sony headphones on the market in terms of sound, comfort, quality, and durability.

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