Sony MDRNC8 Review

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Sony MDRNC8 Review

Sony still holds its headphones turf with the Sony MDR-NC8, a highly functional pair of headphones that can reduce ambient noise by up to 90%, giving you a silky smooth listening experience. A great companion for travelers and commuters, the pair of headphones is built with 30mm drivers and the string neodymium magnets to guarantee a powerful sound for ordinary everyday listening. The headphones turn into passive mode allowing you to listen when the power is turned off, for longer.

This noise cancelling headphones come with and adjustable headband so that the can fit perfectly and remain comfortable when worn for a long time. The design is kept stylish with ergonomically shaped ear buds. The Sony MDR-NC8  is powered by a single AAA battery that can provide up to 80 hours of powerful bass and clear treble. In case the battery runs out, you simple turn to passive mode and listen without the noise cancelling technology remaining active. The Sony MDR-NC8 is a lightweight pair of headsets that comes with an in-flight adapter and soft in ear design pads. The dual folding design makes them easy to carry.

Sony MDR-NC8 is a sure compact companion whether you hit the road or fly. After all, only few peers can match the 90% noise reduction that is delivered via the Noise Cancellation feature. The other beautiful part is that the headphones are so light, you will often forget you have them on–until of course the music fades. Users have reported that the powerful and clear sound can be engulfing to give you an exhilarating experience. This is all thanks to the Sony engineering that piggybacks on 30mm drivers and neodymium magnets. One more feature that will impress you is the passive listening mode that you can use to run your headphones when the batteries run low.

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