Top 5 Best Headphones of 2020

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Top 5 Best Headphones of 2020

See below Audio46's top picks headphones of 2020.

The Sivga Phoenix ($255.00)

The Sivga Phoenix was one of the most hyped headphones upon its release this fall, thanks in no small part to its modern and instantly classic design. These are handmade from Zebra Wood and anodized aluminum and they look simply stunning all the around

Beyond the stunning aesthetics, these also come equipped with a specially made ultra thin diaphragm driver that gives the Phoenix some of the best possible bass response for an open back headphone. This means you’ll get all the rich and open soundstage that you crave with a big open back, but will still be able to enjoy the thump and deep rattle of your favorite hip hop, rock or electronica. 


Grado GT 220 ($259.00)

These true wireless earbuds stand out as some of the best in a very crowded field. They feature a pair of  8mm dynamic drivers to deliver powerful yet accurate bass, detailed mids and exacting high end frequencies. Grado’s sound signature is marked by a dedication to neutral, accurate sound. The GT220 employs Bluetooth 5.0 technology and codex comatibilies include Aptx and AAC. 

 These are also on the higher end of the battery life spectrum, the earbuds holding 6 hours of charge and the case holding 5 full charges allowing 36 total hours of use. The GT220 features intuitive and convenient touch controls for extremely easy use and listening. 


Campfire Dorado 2020 ($1,099.00)

Campfire is a company that is always seeking to perfect what came before, as is evident by the fact that the company came out with, not just one, but two IEM updates earlier this year. Our favorite was the Dorado 2020.

This is a hybrid unit featuring two different drivers. One is Campfire’s ground breaking diamond-like carbon plasma dynamic drivers for lows and mids - the first driver of it’s kind to be utilized specifically for IEMs. The second is a single balanced armature driver for high frequencies.

 These feature a great slick look with a charcoal color and high density ceramic housing, along with Beryllium copper MMCX connections for your cable. The sound has a great amount of fullness and separation, featuring some pretty tightly controlled bass and nice crispy highs- but the real star here are the mid range frequencies, which have a perfect balance of tonalities that provides huge levels of detail and clarity. The soundstage is also one of the widest you’re likely to hear in any IEM

Focal Radiance ($1290.00)

This is Focal’s newest offering, and it is a 2020 update of the groundbreaking Elegia, which was Focal’s first ever closed back headphone. Like all of Focal’s products, this was designed and made in France. This particular model is a crossover with Bentley -  signifying a meeting of two luxury brands from different industries. The result of this is a look that is nothing short of gorgeous, featuring full grain leather and an extremely slick black and copper color scheme. 

These feature a 40mm full-range driver with aluminium/magnesium “M” shaped dome, and the sound  is also unsurprisingly terrific.The signature features powerful yet extremely controlled bass, incredibly detailed and clear mids, and highs with a great amount of sparkle and extension. There is just the slightest bit of tasteful roll off here to round out the full experience


iFi Micro iDSD Signature ($649.00)

Rounding out our best of 2020 is this ifi micro idsd signature. This is a compact and powerful amp dac unit that is versatile enough to pair with just about any headphone or iem in your collection. 

These features a variety of different inputs and outputs, including unbalanced quarter inch and balanced 4.4m, some switches for xbass and 3d modes, as well as a variety of other switches to control sound processing and different levels of power output depending on what headphone you are using. For more specific details on these different modes on functions, be sure to click the product link.

This unit can generate up to 4100 milliwatts of power, features a burr brown dual dac chip to ensure your digital and high res information stays bit perfect, and is capable of full mqa decoding for tidal master tracks. If you’re looking for a great, medium priced high res amp/dac for any headphone, there’s simply not much if anything the signature can’t do. 

You may want to watch us saying about those headphones in this video. Please see it below.

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