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Product Details

Audio46's Opinion

The latest Utopia by Focal presents an insanely fun listening experience with notable enhancements to its sound signature. The soundstage is more expansive and immersive, offering significantly more height. The bass, while far from overpowering, offers a subtle touch of warmth that adds richness to the balance. The midrange is tastefully elevated, allowing instruments to shine with remarkable clarity while infusing a sense of musicality that draws the listener in. The highs are impressively revealing, maintaining a natural and uncolored response, and contributing to a vibrant and engaging sound signature. This upgraded version takes the already exceptional Utopia to new heights, showcasing refined sound quality and setting new standards in the world of audio. With its remarkable tuning and enhanced performance, the 2022 Utopia by Focal promises an unmatched sound that will captivate even the most discerning audiophiles.

(Specifications and appearance of this product are subject to change without notice)
↓ Details provided by Focal


Utopia still harbours its 'M'-shaped dome, and pure Beryllium speaker drivers for transparent and true sound reproduction. The new addition to the speaker driver is in the voice coil. Focal has developed a brand-new voice coil that brings together reliability and lightness. Some customers have unfortunately encountered issues with speaker drivers in their Utopia headphones, so they have worked hard to resolve this problem. The new voice coil is made up of 30% copper and 70% aluminium, making the speaker driver extremely reliable whilst maintaining its excellent performance.

To push the limits of Utopia even further, to improve linearity and reproduction of the treble, they have incorporated the 'M'-shaped speaker driver grille (developed for Clear Mg), which follows the curve of the dome. With the new Utopia, what you get is an unequalled sound performance with vastly improved reliability!

Focal Utopia 2022 Open Back Flagship Headphones on stand


Combining comfort and aesthetics, the design and concept behind Utopia certainly live up to these exceptional headphones. The forged carbon yokes, made from recycled carbon, are modern and sophisticated in style, whilst providing more lightness. The honeycomb grille, synonymous with Focal's open-back headphones, and the Black Chrome ring showcase subtle design details, like the Yin & Yang on the outer case and the black and red double grille on the speaker driver.

So many aesthetic features that fiercely embody Utopia: the perfect balance between technology and design! With the new Utopia headphones, we are delighted to introduce new design codes, which will also be used on Focal's future Utopia products.

Focal Utopia 2022 Open Back Flagship Headphones Detail Photograph


The headphones continue to be delivered in leather-effect packaging and with a carrying case. Two cables are supplied: one 5ft (1.5m) mini-jack cable with 1/4" (6.35mm) Jack adapter, and one 10ft (3m) cable with XLR connector. These two hi-fi accessories are contained by an attractive genuine leather tie.


Utopia is the ultimate Focal headphones. They are the brand's flagship product, combining the best of our technologies with assertive design, to enhance your listening experience.

Their full-range, Beryllium, ‘M’-shaped speaker drivers are fully open-backed and run with no passive or active correction, from 5 Hz to over 50 kHz! The listening experience they deliver is strikingly real, precise and dynamic, with a soundstage that is both wide and deep: close your eyes and feel the musicians beside you. Combining comfort and aesthetics, Utopia delivers uncompromising design and conception. The forged, recycled carbon yokes are modern and sophisticated in style, whilst providing more lightness. The honeycomb grille and Black Chrome ring showcase subtle design details, like the Yin & Yang on the outer case, the black and red double grille on the speaker driver, and more.

So many elements that fiercely embody Utopia: the perfect balance between technology and design!

Focal Utopia 2022 Open Black Flagship Headphones Lifestyle photograph



Experience sensational listening quality at home with Utopia, the exceptional headphones made in France by Focal, and the fruit of over 40 years of sound innovation. Unveiled in 2016, it returns in 2022 with a reworked design and improvements to the sound for even more music-inspired emotion.

Its exclusive cutting-edge technology, such as full-range speaker drivers with pure Beryllium ‘M’-shaped dome, completely open at the back, offer a listening experience with striking realism, neutrality, dynamics and transparency. Focal engineers have also developed a copper and aluminium voice coil for a revamped sound signature and incredible reliability.

The listening experience is enhanced by a sleek design and exceptional materials. Combining comfort and sophistication, Utopia is made from genuine leather, aluminium, forged recycled carbon, ‘honeycomb’-design grilles and Black Chrome-coloured rings – an array of details lending these French headphones a unique look and sound. Like the symbolic Yin & Yang depicted on the ear-cups, Utopia embodies beautiful design and high-performing sound in perfect harmony. More than just headphones, this is a sound icon.

  • Genuine leather headband
  • Perforated lambskin memory foam ear pads for more openness
  • ‘M’-shaped grille following the curve of the speaker driver. Better linearity of the high frequencies
  • Lemo® connectors with locking mechanism
  • Forged, recycled carbon yokes that mould to the face
  • Honeycomb grille to ensure openness and full decompression of the speaker driver
  • ‘M’-shaped, pure Beryllium dome speaker drivers. Exceptional clarity of sound

Focal Utopia 2022 Lifestyle Photograph

Key points

  • High-end, open-back, high-fidelity headphones ; for home use
  • Full-range speaker driver with ‘M’-shaped, pure Beryllium dome: pure, dynamic and perfectly balanced sound
  • Made in France in the Focal workshops
  • Design that adapts to all head morphologies: optimum comfort
  • Premium materials and sophisticated finishes: genuine leather, forged, recycled carbon, aluminium, etc.

In the Box

Focal Utopia 2022 Open-Back Headphone In The Box Contents

  • Focal Utopia 2022 headphone
  • Premium faux-leather box
  • 5ft cable (1.5m) with 1 x 1/8" (3.5mm) asymmetric TRS Jack connector and 2 x Lemo® connectors
  • 10ft cable (3m) with 1 x symmetrical 4-point XLR connector and 2 Lemo® connectors
  • Jack adapter, 1/8" (3.5mm) point socket – 1/4" (6.35mm) point plug
  • The premium rigid carrying case in matching color


Type Circum-aural, open-back headphones
Impedance 80 Ohms
Sensitivity 104dB SPL / 1mW @ 1kHz
THD <0.2 % @ 1kHz / 100dB SPL
Frequency response 5Hz – 50kHz
Speaker driver 19/16" (40mm) pure beryllium 'M'-shaped dome
Weight 1.08lbs (490g)
Cable provided • 1 x 5ft cable (1.5m) with 1 x 1/8" (3.5mm) asymmetric TRS Jack connector and 2 x Lemo® connectors
• 1 x 10ft cable (3m) with 1 x symmetrical 4-point XLR connector and 2 Lemo® connectors
• 1 x Jack adapter, 1/8" (3.5mm) point socket – 1/4" (6.35mm) point plug
Carrying case included 9.8x9.4x4.7" (25x24x12cm)

Product Reviews


Focal Utopia 2022 vs. Utopia 2020

The most noticeable differences reside in the look and aesthetic of the two headphones, which have undergone quite a makeover.  Lower end frequencies have noticeably more heft on the 2022.  It's clear that very meticulous engineering and tuning went into the new edition, which is somehow even smoother and more accurate than its already-near-perfect predecessor, while otherwise retaining its best qualities.

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