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Focal Sphear Inner-ear Headphones

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Focal Sphear inner-ear analytical headphones

Headphone Structure In-ear
Impedance 16 ohm
Sensitivity (SPL 1mW 1KHz) 103 dB
Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20 Khz
Microphone / control Omni directional In-line mic with controls
Compatibility Windows / Apple / Android

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Focal Sphear Earphones

Earphones Dedicated To Sound And Comfort

The Focal Sphear was designed to reproduce an analytical, professional quality, rendering of recordings. These inner-ear headphones will provide their user with a true and accurate depiction as intended.

The Sphear’s frequency response covers the range of hearing and pays attention to the details within it.  From punchy Bass, to well defined mids, and crisp highs, you will find that the Focal Sphear’s accuracy and attention to technical representations of sound is surprisingly accurate.

The Focal Sphear’s meticulously  structure design was carefully put together with comfort and accuracy in mind.


Focal Sphear Design Elements

1 10.8 mm electrodynamic drivers
2 Bass-reflex system (realistic full sounding bass)
3 Stainless Steel Ring & Grill
4 Acoustic chamber with Port
5 Noise isolating ear tips
6 Stylish high gloss finish


Focal Sphere comes packed with everything needed to ensure that your listening adventures are optimized to your needs. Focal has included an array of ear-tips designed to provide you with optimized sound isolation, an airplane adapter, as well as a compact sturdy traveling case. You will be just as pleased with the package contents as you are with the flawless sound replication of the Sphear.

Package Contents

1 Set of Sphear Earphones
3 sets of silicone tips (S / M / L)
3 Sets of Memory Foam tips (S / M / L)
1 Airplalne connector
1 carrying case



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