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Thinksound On2 Monitor Series – wooden headphones


5.00 out of 5

Thinksound On2 Monitor Series – wooden headphones

Super-aural studio monitor with passive noise isolation

Where style, comfort, luxury, and social consciousness meet is where you will find the Thinksound On2 Monitor Series headphones. These hand crafted headphones are made with real wood to create a natural resonance. The headphones, and packaging for this product were made primarily of renewable and recyclable materials to reduce the carbon footprint that these products leave on the environment.

High definition, Supra-aural studio monitor with passive noise isolation. Voiced and designed by Aaron Fournier, critically acclaimed Audio Engineer & Thinksound CEO.

Package includes

(1)4.5ft detachable cable

(1)4.5ft detachable cable with mic control

Single button microphone + call/music control

(1)storage pouch


Thinksound On2 Monitor Series Specs

Frequency Response 5Hz -22,000Hz
Impedance 50ohm
Driver size 40mm
Connector 3.5mm steel reinforced gold plated
Cable (2)Kevlar reinforced tangle resistant cables
Earpads Memory foam
Warranty 2years

1 review for Thinksound On2 Monitor Series – wooden headphones

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    After reading numerous positive reviews of the On2, I took advantage of a visit to New York and stopped at Audio46 to try them out. Tony helped me at the counter and I spent about 1/2 hour comparing them to my best on-ears, which are also highly rated. The On2s were clearly superior, and not by a small margin. The real test came when I got home and plugged them into my Burson desktop headphone amp/DAC. I had been hoping to get on-ears that gave me a similar musical experience to my beloved Sennheiser HD650s (now selling for $375). Well, these Thinksounds do it. While on-ears can’t be expected to compete in soundstage with over-ear-open phones like the HD650, the On2 does come pretty close. And they actually beat the Senns in midrange/treble clarity and detail. All the while they are very similar to the Sennheisers in easy-to-listen-to musicality – with no annoying distortions whatsoever. After two weeks of listening I am very pleased and have no problem recommending the Thinksound On2. I fully understand why Stereophile gives them a Class-A rating, right next to other brands costing several thousand dollars.

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