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Contest Submission – Sony MDR-XD100

by: Audio 46
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Contest Submission – Sony MDR-XD100

Sony MDR-XD100 Review

By, Omar S

The first circumaural headphones you acquire, whether for good or bad, being  Beats,Sennheiser or Audiotechinca to name a few, because of the “professional” feeling or maybe the comfort you are introduced,  they can´t be forgotten, so being with me for almost 2 years, these headphones were among the first that I used in this category,making them a nostalgic good memory, used in hours of work, travel, relax, in any kind of environment, so I made myself a complete impression of this hard cans, here are the Sony Mdrseries, model xd100.

The construction is solid and robust completely of plastic, not very practical for an active use and transportation, but with a well-rewarded incredible durability, Not only the case but the unique cable of 11 foot long  that survived in one piece and still attached to the cans, a really important  thing that made me reconsider my exaggerated importance of a detachable cable,apart of that, they perform common technical features like a frequency range of 12 Hz to 22 kHz, an impedance of 70 ohms letting me to power them with all the items I had to and still hear in a good level up to 100 decibels, with soft but rapidly warm ear pads, making it better in the cold days.


A thing to consider is that many songs that I firstever listen to,actually were converted from digital to analogical through those speakers, so covering almost every sub-genre in electronic, and some rock, jazz and classical compositions, I can make a certain judgment of  the sound, these a good sound quality but compared to other finest headphones that I had the pleasure to try, in these pairalthough you get a little extra,the highs aren´t well articulated, nor an accurate bass, the middles are consistent  but still a bit obfuscated, but compared to other in the same price the pros in here, I have to say, are in the magnificent design of the ear pads, the good comfort and all the space between the ears and the speaker make it to sound better, or at least in a psychological way,  the ergonomically and shape of them  fits like it should be, considering that the ear is very irregular, more headphones if the material isn´t super soft, should be presented like that.

A downside is the unwanted extra noise you get, all the exterior sound was there and if your songs are calm or with sensible instruments, they can´t be well perceived  if your headphones have at least a proper pacific noise isolation, but in the quiet rooms, with the use of an amplifier the sound was surrounding.

In the end a pair of headphones must introduce you to new features that help you to define your interests, approaching any kind of situation.

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