InEar ProMission X Review

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InEar ProMission X Review

New from the German earphone company InEar, the ProMission X offers an impressive and intoxicating sound.  But just what can you expect from this $2099 earphone? And how does it stack up to its competition?  

The ProMission X comes with a leather carrying case and a 6.3 mm stereo adapter.  Twelve pairs of eartips also accompany the earphones - including foam Comply tips and Spinfit silicone tips.  

Each housing features a blue-and-purple resin build, holding ten drivers per ear with 4-way crossover.   The earpieces use a 2-pin connection to connect to the included cable. Measuring a liberal 52 inches, the included cable sports the same braided structure as that included with other InEar models.  

Holding all of those drivers seems require some extra space and this results in the ProMission X feeling a little bulkier - even for my giant Dumbo ears.   However, once I put those Spinfit tips on, I feel like the fit becomes decidedly less fatiguing.  

This preliminary hurdle aside, the ProMission X feels fairly robust, despite the feather-light housings and slim cable.  Once placed in my ears, they show no signs of falling out. In fact, I even have trouble taking them off in a hurry - they’re just that well-seated.   

Isolation also comes across as solid.  In fact, I can barely hear anything in the office during my demo sessions.  Phones ringing, alarms going off, coworkers yelling that the building might be on fire or whatever - I’d never know, because all I can hear is the sweet, sweet sound of the ProMission X.  

InEar Promission X

InEar ProMission X Review - Sound Quality

Low End 

In the low end, the ProMission X delivers just a little bit of oomph.  While enough to lend some weight to otherwise-meager electronica tracks (like “The Kid” by Le Matos), the lows never sound too thick or cludgy.  Instead, there’s some decent detail on display here, helped along by that slightly emphasized bass. And I do mean slightly, as the Promission X never really strays too far from an accurate sound.  



Here the sound waxes thick, with a forward presentation.  Vocals on tracks like “Delicate” by Atmosphere or Dabbla’s “Psychoville” feel intimate, but still showcase a sense of clarity and separation.  Instrumentation doesn’t feel left out, either, though. Jazz and classical tracks still deliver the goods, with a rich, hyper-saturated feel that reveal tons of nuance.  


High End

The highs feel slightly smooth, but with no lack of detail present.  The result seems just saturated enough to do justice to pretty much any source material.  Playing pop tracks like Ben Lee’s cover of “Kids” by MGMT or Kylie Minogue’s “Love At First Sight” showcase a proclivity for pop.   But the ProMission X remains just as sultry when slamming some Ravel or Chet Baker.   



Rich and expansive, the soundstage on the ProMission X delivers plenty of depth and space.  Unlike other in-ear monitors at this price range, this earphone delivers a sense of soundstage that recalls that of a larger, over-ear headphone.   As a result, tracks don’t just sound roomy, but bordering on realistic. The longer I listen, the more lost I become in the sound of the ProMission X.  Because, working hand-in-hand with the wealth of detail this earphone delivers, the soundstage can have a mesmerizing effect.  

InEar ProMission X in hand palm

InEar ProMission X Review - Conclusion

Pros and Cons

Pros:   Rich, luscious sound quality and phenomenal soundstage to boot.  Not too emphasized in any part of the frequency range, the sound feels just a shade v-shaped, but still not too far from a neutral standpoint.  

Cons:  Fit can depend a great on the included eartips.  I found the fit nearly unbearable at first before switching to the included Spinfit tips.  


Final Analysis

At $2099, the InEar ProMission X won’t be courting any budget-conscious buyers.  But stacked up against its competition - namely, the 64 Audio Tia Trio and U12t, as well as the Empire Ears Legend X and Noble Khan - this earphone distinguishes itself as a fairly accurate offering without too much coloration in any part of the sound.  Add to this the deep and far-reaching sense of soundstage, and you’ve got a very powerful listening experience. Our recommendation? Definitely worth demoing for anyone looking to purchase an IEM near this price point.  

Snag a ProMission X from our store here.  

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